Tanvier Peart

Tanvier Peart is a leader of the Racial Justice Taskforce for the Western New York Peace Center. In this position, she works to challenge and combat racial inequality throughout the region, through organizing, amplifying the voices of those affected by injustices, and working with local and national organizations to provide research that demonstrates the effects of exclusion in order to campaign for reform and just practices.

Currently, Tanvier is working with the LEAD National Support Bureau and local agencies to assist in the implementation of a law enforcement assisted diversion (LEAD) program for the Buffalo area that addresses the need for an alternative system for low-level offenders that’s both community-based and addresses underlying concerns — through treatment and restorative practices — to reduce the chance of repeat behavior while preventing individuals from entering the criminal justice system, ultimately chipping away at the country’s mass incarceration crisis.

Additionally, she is gearing up to strategize and support statewide bail reform efforts as an estimated 25,000 New Yorkers are jailed each day across the state, with 67 percent of those individuals never being convicted of a crime (Just Leadership USA).

Tanvier previously held a seat on the Buffalo Urban League Young Professionals’ council, focusing her efforts on serving the community through partnerships and events, and was chosen to participate in the 2017 Open Buffalo Emerging Leaders cohort to create a more inclusive and equitable community. She’s a member of the NAACP Buffalo chapter and currently sits on the board of the Western New York Peace CEnter and town of Amherst’s Community Diversity Commission.

A Baltimore native with an Empire State of mind who once called Oklahoma home, when Tanvier isn’t championing for social justice, she spends her days as a senior editor for a top online publication for moms, and enjoys practicing the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu — when she’s not tackling assignments for her Masters of Public Administration degree at the University of Baltimore.

Tanvier is a believer, wife of a first-generation immigrant, mom of two small boys, and a daughter of a retired police sergeant who believes faith plus works yield good fruit.