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About Me

hey-yallGive a girl a soapbox to discuss issues that tug at her heartstrings and she’ll deliver a monologue. Ask her to talk about herself and she’ll cower in terror.


Hey, I’m Tanvier. I’m an early 30-something millennial, who hates being boxed into “all things millennial,” but don’t mind professing my love for all things ’90s. Stephanie Tanner was a friend in my head, I was an honorary member of the Midnight Society, and still find myself busting out the running man from time to time.

tanvier-peart-familyI’m your classic Virgo who loves to organize, plan, and organize again — only to feel anxious that things won’t work out. And while this ability to create structure has helped me in a past life as an interior decorator and (small) event stylist, I’m so thankful I have a type B husband who keeps me calm and is never skips a beat to remind me nothing is that serious.

Speaking of my husband, here we are with our two kiddos who are 16 months apart (I had my first in 2014 and my second in 2015). They’re a bit older and taller and louder and definitely keep me on my toes as a full-time work-from-home mom.

Yeah, the struggle is real!

No matter how hectic things can get on a daily, or how much I yearn to lock myself inside a closet and somehow transport to the land of Narnia for a little R&R, I’m truly blessed to have my family — and wouldn’t change a thing.

Now back to the reason why you’re here …

Although I am a parenting staff writer for CafeMom by day, I hope to carve a small place in the digital world to speak about social issues that should be on our minds, messages of hope all of us could use, and those random “did she really just say that?” posts that remind us it’s okay to stop and enjoy life.

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