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Free the People WNY
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As a campaign strategist, Tanvier works alongside activists, organizations, and community to advance issue campaigns, reach goals, and identify tactics to realize success through effective strategies — while engaging in policy work related to campaign issues.

Free the People WNY

Free the People WNY Coalition

State-Level Demands

Protect the Dignity of the Incarcerated

Fix the Unjust Parole System & End Perpetual Punishment

  • Pass Elder Parole (s15/A3475), and Fair and Timely Parole (S1415/A4231) (RAPP)
  • Clean Slate Act (S1553A/A6399)

Transition to a Renewable Energy Economy

  • Support the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA) (S4264A/A6967)
  • End racial disparities in the justice system by investing in green jobs, not jails

Protect Immigrant Communities

  • Pass New York for All (S3076/A2328) requiring state and local law enforcement resources are not used to help ICE and federal authorities separate families

Prevent a Mass Housing Crisis

  • Pass “Good Cause” eviction protection (S3082/A5573) to ensure residents can stay in their homes
  • Add more stringent penalties for bad and absentee landlords
  • Create mortgage forgiveness protections for homeowners

End the War on Drugs

  • Pass the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) (S854/A1248) – ENACTED
  • Decriminalize Syringes & Remove the ESAP Limit (S2523/A868)
  • Decriminalize Low-Level Drug Possession

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