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WNY Peace Center Bail Reform Event
Photo credit: Danielle Sutkowski

“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” — James Baldwin

Tanvier Peart at PPG Community Agenda 2020

Tanvier is no stranger to service and getting off the sidelines to get involved, dedicating many years to mentoring and volunteer endeavors. She’s lived in major metropolitan areas (Baltimore, the Washington DC corridor, and a mile outside of New York City) and rural America (Oklahoma City) and has seen firsthand the effects of deficient policies on communities that lack access to resources and opportunity.

In 2015, something in her spirit became uneasy that transformed into a guiding push to dive deeper and challenge systems. Since then, she’s been on a question to bring attention to socioeconomic inequities and other forms of injustice in effort to realize a more just and equitable society that benefits the greater good, not just those who benefit from entitlements. Her acceptance into the 2017 Open Buffalo Emerging Leaders cohort introduced her to community organizing to take collective action, both in and out the system, to effect change. And in January 2018, she began her Masters of Public Administration at the University of Baltimore to develop and influence policies. Chosen to be a part of the National Urban League Washington Bureau’s advocacy program, Tanvier is currently receiving training in congressional advocacy to help impact legislation.

Growing up, she experienced food insecurities for many years while navigating the realities of living in Baltimore and having access to education opportunities in an adjacent and wealthier town — witnessing the fruits of investing in communities while not being able to financially obtain them.

Though many aspects of her life still remain unwritten (and are still developing), Tanvier is dedicated to the work and being a part of the greater movement in the name of peace, equity, and justice for all.

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