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Hello, Me

Who knew focusing on “me” would be so … awkward

This feels weird …

For the longest time, I’ve been one of those people who always felt you had to write for someone else. And even when I started my home and decorating website Casa Diseño long ago, a part of me felt extremely timid to ever take that chance and pen a few articles on a website that wasn’t about anyone or thing except me. Now that I have, things are starting to come into focus more; stuff I have always wanted to say, but felt I couldn’t — because it wasn’t “kosher” with the focus of my brand or company. Stuff that brings me joy. Stuff that kinda makes me mad but deserves a platform for discussion. Stuff around my home that looks pretty awesome.

I must admit, this feels quite freeing.

There are so many women in the lifestyle game right now who I admire and, in many ways, inspire me. They’re fearless (or at least don’t show it), showcase their amazing talent on personal domains, and have built the most amazing partnerships with unthinkable companies. Who knows, maybe I’ll follow in their footsteps one day. Maybe I’ll create my own path. Or, maybe this will just be yet another site on the Internet.

I guess I’ll never know until I actually try.

So …

Hello, me.

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