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‘Bail Reformed?’ Panel Discussion

Criminal Justice Advocates Talk Cash Bail Reform – WBFO Buffalo

New York State Bail Reform Implementation Discussion on POWER 96.5FM’s ‘The Public Good’

We’re live with Orlando Dickson of PPG and Tanvier Peart of WNY Peace Center discussing the implementation of bail reform set to take effect on January 1, 2020.

Posted by Partnership for the Public Good on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Ending Torture: A Solitary Confinement Community Discussion

Advocates Push for Reforms to Solitary Confinement – WBFO Buffalo

Tanvier Peart Women's March 2020

Peart, a Peace Center board member and member of the Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement, warned that the United States has become one of the world’s biggest jailers of women, citing a statistic that the female incarceration rate has increased sevenfold in the last 40 years. She added that more than 12,000 pregnant women are jailed every year.

We can’t go on this way’: More than 200 brave cold for WNY Women’s March – Jonathan D. Epstein, Buffalo News

“‘If we had the same type of scrutiny directed at the police, I’m not sure we’d be where we are right now,’ said Tanvier Peart, a board member at the WNY Peace Center. To make her point, Peart reels off the names of African American men and women at the center of brutality complaints and wonders aloud why Brown never held a news conference regarding them.”

Activists press for police reform: ‘There’s a justifiable anger’ – Phil Fairbanks, Buffalo News

“Police violence in this country being a leading cause of death for Black men is not because of ‘a few individuals,'” wrote Tanvier Peart.

Buffalo Police leaders face tough questions from Common Council – Charlie Specht, 7 Eyewitness News WKBW

Community Response to Policing Reform Recommendations (Press Conference) – March 2021

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“These recommendations simply do not go far enough to protect communities most harmed by the systems in place,” Tanvier Peart of Partnership for the Public Good said during a news conference conducted over video conferencing. “At a time when people are looking for transformational change, reforms that keep police in schools and take incremental steps to create law enforcement accountability barely move the needle.”

“We’ve seen the psychological and emotional toll of the pandemic due to isolation and social distancing. Our little ones are the hardest hit and have had a tough time coping, which is why in-person visits must continue in NYS prisons and local jails. No video conference can replace seeing a loved one in person, hearing their voice, and sharing space that is not confined to a screen. Many families cannot afford to purchase internet, let alone devices to sustain video conferencing. Rather than create opportunities for families who can pay to see their loved ones, make access a right everyone deserves instead of a privilege only a few can afford.” Tanvier Peart, Just Recovery Coordinator, Partnership for the Public Good

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