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Dear Wegmans: Sorry I Slept on You All These Years

Today I had what some would consider a life-changing experience that could alter my steps for days — years even — to come: Today I shopped at Wegmans.

This might not seem like a big deal to those well-versed in the art of shopping at this destination of edible goodness and artisan delights, but for me, a creature of habit and avid Target shopper — who typically frequents Walmart for grocery needs, because I’m still reliving my days of residing in Oklahoma — I was shocked and amazed at what I witnessed today.

Not finding what I needed at Target — which is a pretty rare occasion — I decided to make my way to Wegmans across the street in hopes of scoring a somewhat good deal on fruit that wouldn’t cost the equivalent of purchasing a small country.  I’ve heard about Wegmans and the expensive organic-non-GMO-non-everything-super-healthy-but-maybe-not-tasty foods they offer that has always keep me in a “thanks, but no thanks” state of mind.

… But I was pleasantly surprised as a began navigating the produce section with my mini shopping cart.

For starters, the $2.99 small container of strawberries I picked up at Target was on sale at Wegmans for $3.99 … in a container almost twice the size. (Had it not been for the time and the need to get dinner, I would’ve returned what I purchased from Target.) That, of course, was just the beginning of my “OMG, what is this magical place?!” adventure as I happily added five ears of corn for $2, some cherries, mangoes, and bananas at $0.49/pound to my cart … and this was all scooped up just feet from the entrance!

How could Wegmans be cheaper than other grocery stores??? I thought to myself.

How did I not know about these sales and affordable perishables?? How have I been sleeping on such a resource when I consider myself one of the most woke people??

How? How? How? How How?

(Excuse the NSFW curse word above. I just needed a GIF to capture my surprise.)

Needing to find bread and steamable veggies, I tried my hardest to keep my tunnel vision on the goal at hand and not allow the sight of fresh desserts, an arsenal of prepared foods, wine, and a tempting deli area cloud my goal of purchasing only what I needed …

… But it was so hard.

I knew I was going to get into trouble the moment I walked by a 12-pack box of Wegmans yogurt that was on sale for $6 … $6! Do you know how many times I have purchased one container of Yogurt (I’m looking at you, Chobani) for a buck??

I have enough to share with my kids, even though I don’t plan on doing so.

I also found “gospel” bread, aka, Ezekiel 4:9 that, apparently, provides nourishment and the Word …


… And an enticing beer section, complete with craft beers (I don’t drink beer and found myself thinking about a six-pack), a mini flower mart with heavenly blooms, pounds upon pounds of rice that will likely come in handy, and so much more.

Hell, I even saw prayer candles that further let me know Wegmans isn’t playing around.


Every Wegman shopper I encountered seemed so happy, as if they found a slice of happiness with every item they placed inside their carts. No one was frowning. No one looked upset or frustrated at the reality of grocery shopping and often greeted me with a smile — as if I was being welcomed into some unspoken club full of non-GMO products and Saturday parent-child cooking events.

A part of me felt happy to be a part of the “gang” … and another part of me keep an eye out for Lakeith Stanfield to slap the proverbial Kool-Aid from my hands as a warning that things aren’t as though they appear — and nothing that looks “too good to be true” actually is.

But, the truth of the matter is, I already knew I was far down the rabbit’s hole the minute I picked up a Red Rooster smoothie and placed it in my cart. I was bit with the Wegmans bug, and nothing was going to stop me from adding item after item and purchasing a Fill the Backpack campaign.

While it’s unlikely Wegmans will replace Target and its wonderful Cartwheel savings that have consumed my life for the last few years, I can make room for this supermarket as many things I found were a pretty good deal (others weren’t).


Until next time, new best friend.

main image: luluinnyc | Amy Dreher

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